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I am a certified Professional Counseling Life Coach, with Psychology/Mental Health and HR background, and a wealth of skills and business experience gained from working in multinational companies such as Unilever and Northrop Grumman.  That experience has helped me realize I am a “people person”.  I know that my “DNA Talent” is ‘helping others’!   It was while working with various levels of management, when the word ‘stress’ carried a negative connotation, that I came across many individuals who found themselves fearful of change, confused about what to do next, which career path to follow, how to embrace retirement, dealing with expatriation and repatriation problems.  I worked with colleagues with coronary heart disease, drinking and smoking, the inability to concentrate, depression, anxiety to say the least.  The common factor in many of these situations is coping with constant change and in today's world we are always changing, evolving, developing in order to keep up.   Research has shown that there is a positive correlation between ‘resilience in the face of change’ and ‘positive reinterpretation for growth. It shows that personality characteristics like 'hardiness', can influence the way a person perceives and copes with pressures.  People with low ‘hardiness’ are more likely to perceive the same situations in a negative way, - the glass is definitely half empty to them!  Whereas others see the same glass as half-full. This may explain why some people flourish under pressure whereas others weaken.  

I share my learning, compassion and enthusiasm for life with my clients. I have worked closely with people from different nationalities and cultures and understand the needs of my clients.  We are species of same needs and wants and, yet, we still have an ‘ocean’ of cultural differences that we need to work through.  I use all my personal and professional experience to develop further and, at the same time, help others overcome their fears and achieve their full potential and goals.  

My clients become aware of the remarkable possibilities that they possess and how to use them to their benefit, that of their family, friends and colleagues.  The best way to describe the positive results of life coaching is the internal shifts that happen in coaching that create a successful mindset, which is always the real goal. I know that clarity, life balance, a feeling of safety, high self-esteem and high self-worth, peace of mind and tranquility….all of these inner successes are the beginnings of the outward successes we want and need so badly.

Helping my clients with stress and illness, depression, frustration, feeling stuck, unable to make decisions and moving on, is where I claim to be my area of expertise.  Identifying what our best job fit is and what our talents are often can be complicated.  We start a particular job at a very young age and then discover that our niche is elsewhere but finances make it harder to move away.  With the right planning and tools this can be done. Being stuck in a job that no longer gives you satisfaction and fulfillment can be very stressful.  Finding the right work-life balance, being able to manage work pressures without affecting personal and family life.  My passion is to always help my clients become aware of the remarkable possibilities that they possess, and make the changes that they need to take the next steps in life, reach their goals and success without much discord in their lives.   Pressure can be good and motivating, enabling us to push a little further and challenge ourselves.  However, Chronic Stress is not!  It can lead to coronary heart disease, migraines, high cholesterol levels, back problems, discord at home and professional relationships. 

Due to the excellent technological advances, Life Coaching can be done via many different ways, such as telephone and skype or other video tools, which makes it so much easier and more readily available to anyone no matter where you maybe.  Message me today so that we can begin a new path in your life! 

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