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...coaching your path to a happier life!
Individual Coaching:  I can help you overcome your roadblocks in life and achieve your dreams.  Build up your confidence, find the career that makes you happy, change negative beliefs, promote self-esteem and overcome your fears towards change and life's many challenges. Whether you are looking for a new job or striking out with a new business, wanting to overcome your fears, dealing with relationship problems, financial worries, not knowing where to turn, stuck in the past, addictions, needing help to achieve your weight-loss target, I, Your Life Coach will provide you with the help and guidance to achieve your goals. The stressors in life that we experience on a daily basis can leave us feeling burned out, depressed and demotivated, losing the will to keep trying believing that you will fail again and again.   Discover ways to overcome negative feelings and become positive and proactive in taking charge!   My expertise is to help you reduce the stress in your life, eliminating illness and increasing your well-being and happiness.

Career change or first career choice - don't leave it to chance.
Dreaming about a better way to make a living? Or want to make the right career choice the first time? It's probably the most important decision you'll ever make.   So get some expert support. Don't try doing it alone with a self-help manual or free online test. I coach you to explore what you love and create and find a career that fulfills your passion. We will explore your personality, values, interests and aptitude to help you get where you want to be!   The goal is to support people in making informed decisions about their career development and direction, as well as offer various tools that they can use, like résumés, cover letters, interview techniques, to meet those goals.

Stress / Conflict Issues / Assertiveness / Increase your Confidence:
Do you find it hard to deal with your daily stressors?  Are you being bullied at home or at work?  Do you find it difficult to balance work and personal life?  Do you have conflicting emotions over knowing when to say No?   Do you want to be assertive? Let us work together to achieve a better You!

Assess your behavioral style:  Get an objective look at how and why you work and react the way that you do and learn how to leverage your strengths in both at home and at work.  

Addiction/Pharmaceutical Dependency Recovery Coach:
Many of us these days rely on over the counter medication, prescribed medication. Life's many stressors drive many to addiction. But it does not have to be like that. Research shows that individuals who complete addiction treatment have a greater chance of recovery if they stay linked to a recovery program and working closely with a Coach. We can work together to help you. You do not have to take medication for the rest of your life in order to cope! Know that chemicals may help for a while, and even though sometimes completely necessary, abuse of these can cause long term irreversible damage. 

We can help with the following areas: 
Managing Stress/Work-life Balance; Dealing with Conflict/Bullying; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Relationships/Emotional Problems; Communication Problems, Dealing with families; Confidence/self-esteem Empowerment; Letting go of the past.  

Executive Coaching in well-being; Career Change / direction, Interview Techniques and Resume building.

Addictions / Pharmaceutical Dependency / Recovery; 
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