Working with Georgia was one of the best things that I could have ever done for myself and for my relationships with loved ones. I began a search for a life coach after a friend recommended that I talk to someone. I have had some difficult situations in my life, but at the time everything was okay. I felt almost guilty for needing help because I know that there are people in the world that are far worse off than I - and why was I having such a hard time with what I thought were petty things. My brain felt like mush and I was confused and couldn't think through anything. I felt anxious about situations and things that I was thinking and I just didn't know how to work through them. After my parents got a divorce when I was young and my Aunt passed away, I was sent to see a "doctor" where I was put on prescription drugs and asked how I felt. Years later I am still dealing with the same issues. Talking with Georgia was like talking to one of my friends - but less opinionated. She allowed me to talk and to say anything and everything that I was feeling and guided me to the next step or thought rather than giving me her opinion and pushing me. She was so easy to talk to and a great listener. The exercises that she sends are so simple yet very difficult. It was hard to look at a piece of paper and really think of myself, my past and my future and who I want to be and who I don't want to be. We spoke once a week and on the days that we did not talk I wrote down words throughout the day that I thought of, situations, or just my thoughts.  I can't say that everything I struggled with is fixed or gone. But I did not go into this with the expectations that it would be. What I am able to do now is better sort through what troubles me. I have a strong sense of the person that I am, and the person that I would like to work forward to being. The part of me that held onto guilt and anger and the struggle is calm and at peace with my past, and there is a larger part that looks forward to a positive and great future. I now realize that I have control of my life and that only I can change me, and not other people. I have let go of expectations of other people, and learned to accept them for who they are. And most importantly have learned to accept myself and to embrace the life I have. I would highly recommend Georgia to anyone that needs someone to talk to. She is someone to talk with and someone that genuinely cares. Her positive energy and her delightful demeanor and tone is refreshing. There is something about the way that she guides you through situations and thoughts that makes everything a little clearer and a little bit easier. I looked forward to my sessions with her!  JcD, San Antonio, Texas USA
I found Georgia (GP LifeCoaching & Consulting), unexpectedly via a Facebook popup, while I was just reading up statements that I felt were appropriate to me at that time. This encounter was totally accidental and I found all her postings very nice and helpful. I immediately felt she could help me through a difficult time in my life, and I contacted her without knowing her personally. From our very first meeting, talking to her made me feel comfortable and able to talk about my personal issues. She is a very positive person who speaks very clearly and listens to you. More importantly, she listens to you without judging you. She has much humility and cares about the people who approach her for support. She does not watch the time when you are in session and concentrates on you totally. She knows how to motivate me and she is there for me, not only during the sessions but between sessions also. After each each session with her I always feel that I could deal with everything that life is throwing at me. Being in contact with Georgia and working with her was special a gift to myself that I know I needed. I highly recommend her as an inspirational therapist.TH- Cyprus
During a very difficult personal time, I was fully supported by GP Life Coaching to the point that it had made my painful journey much easier to deal with. There were times when I felt I could not cope but being guided and supported by such a professional and unbiased Life Coach, it meant that I was able to make better judgement and make my decisions with less pain and difficulty. She listens, supports and guides you, and has the motivation and enthusiasm to look forward in life which has helped me tremendously.  For my Life Coach, the glass is definitely 'half full'! I very much and highly recommend GP Life Coaching & Consulting. Thank you for all your support!  MA - UK
“Georgia is such a warm blessing. She is very educated, experienced, professional, kind, compassionate and passionate about helping others in helping themselves. 
I started seeing her around 2014 for life coaching originally when she was in the US. It turned into counseling throughout the years afar now through Skype to help instill emotional strength & stand up more for myself, etc. She listens without judgement very well & has given me so many tools & assistance to embrace. She has been my guide and I am so grateful for her.” Misty S. USA