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...coaching your path to a happier life!

GP Life Coaching & Consulting is dedicated to providing the finest in life-coaching to clients who are looking to take charge and bring changes into their lives.

Successful coaching is all about asking the right questions. It’s about honesty, listening and understanding our clients.  It’s about helping our clients decide for themselves, identify their problems, what their goals are and how they can achieve them.  

Emotional turbulence, sadness and depression, personal and professional conflicts can become intolerable.  People struggle at home, and at work.  Life happens and we need to be able to deal with it and still be able to enjoy life. It can be done!  For some people a certain amount of stress can be a motivator but for others a destruction; It can lead to self-harming.  Over-eating, drinking, smoking, lack of sleep, all can be so very damaging.  People need to learn to use the correct coping strategies.  Even though in some cases medication is absolutely necessary, any pharmaceutical over-use can lead to physical damage and mental health illness. People suffer and so do their family, friends and colleagues.  It is important to seek help to manage stressors, to learn how to deal with life, balance work and home life, without damaging our health and our lives.  Your Life-Coach can be a great source of support and guidance giving you the accountability you need in turning your life around and finding peace, happiness and success.

Why Coaching in Today’s World?

We are all looking for accountability and structure to achieve our dreams and goals; to be held responsible for "specific" actions; But, as much as we try we cannot always do this alone!  Often we need and want the unwavering support from a life coach who is committed to our success.Coaching is here to help you continue your recovery process, and to maintain a commitment and dedication to achieve your old but "Even Better" self again. Believe and Do NOT give up!

Personally, I would like to describe Life Coaching as "Rays of Sunshine"  helping us guide and lead our paths to a brighter and happier future!  We can do this together........

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